25 Week Pregnancy Update

The past 6 months have been a whirlwind, with selling our home, moving across the state, Duncan studying for/taking his Boards, the transition to Duncan starting rotations… and getting pregnant with Baby #2! This pregnancy has been pretty different from Lively’s since before it even really started; I always knew I wanted our next baby to be close in age to Lively (literally, I told Duncan minutes after I delivered Lively that I was ready for another), but with Duncan’s schedule and the timing of tests, we decided the best option for our family was to wait a little while. Once we did decide we were ready for another baby/the timing was better, it took us a little longer to get pregnant this time around. For those 7 months, it was a constant reminder that God’s timing is best, and there’s always valuable lessons to learn in the waiting seasons (which is especially valuable to me, since I’m not a patient waiter).

The first trimester, I was a whole different level of tired (I didn’t realize how much more exhausting it was being pregnant while chasing a toddler around); I couldn’t make it through the day without falling asleep and napped with Lively most days (so productivity around the house was at an all-time low). Thankfully, once I got into the second trimester, my energy level picked back up (which I was beginning to doubt would ever happen). One pregnancy side effect I’ve had this time around that I didn’t before is getting carsick; I’ve felt carsick multiple times and even thrown up once from it (the first time in my life that’s every happened).

During my pregnancy with Lively, we moved to a new state for Duncan to start schooling when I was 30 weeks pregnant, so I hardly knew my doctor there and had never seen the doctor who delivered her. This pregnancy is a lot different in that I’ve had/will have the same doctor the whole time, and I really like him!

Another difference this time around is how much faster my belly popped/how much faster the weight-gain came. I’d been warned this would probably happen but didn’t really realize how much faster until I started experiencing it, haha. I’m just trying my best to work out a few days a week (the elliptical and prenatal workout videos are my favorite) and trying to be more conscious of carb/sugar intake, now that I don’t really have any food aversions this trimester.

When I was pregnant with Lively, I enjoyed pregnancy, but I was so eager for her arrival that I would check my pregnancy app on my phone every day and time felt like it dragged until she arrived; this time around, it is FLYING (I’m 25 weeks as of yesterday)! While I’m excited for our SON to arrive, I’m really just savoring this pregnancy and these last few months of being a family of 3. Thanks for reading my little pregnancy update!





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