MONAT Sample Review

So, probably like a lot of y’all, I’ve been hearing tons about MONAT hair products lately and have quite a few friends selling it. I’ve heard nothing but good things, so when a friend offered to send me some samples, I was quick to say yes!

I only tried a couple days worth of samples, so I can’t personally vouch for the products long-term, but the days I did use it, I really liked it and my hair felt extra soft and healthy, and I’ve seen great testimonials from people I know! I used the Renew Shampoo & Conditioner for a couple of days, as well as the Intense Repair Shampoo, the REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive, and the Blow Out Cream.

What makes MONAT so unique is it’s naturally based, anti-aging hair care that contains no parabens or sulfates and results in longer and stronger hair (I love all natural products!).  After having Lively, my hair has for sure gotten thinner, which the Renew Shampoo is perfect for, as it boosts the growth of your hair and improves your follicle strength, which helps prevent thinning of the hair (postpartum hair loss is no joke, so I need all of that I can get!)

If you want to know more about these natural products (full of essential oils, for all you essential oil fans out there!) or order some for yourself click here, and my friend, Carrie, can help you out!




On an unrelated note, I love these pictures with my girl! And yes, that is ice cream all over her face 🙂 … she had an echocardiogram done right before this, because her doctor had heard a few little heart murmurs at her last appointment and wanted to make sure everything was ok; thankfully everything looked normal, and I think the ice cream cone helped erase any negative memories Lively had from that experience (thank you, McDonald’s!).


Always and forever,