Connecting with Other Mamas

Being a mom is special gift and has brought so much light into my life. But being a mom can also feel lonely, discouraging, and exhausting. I had my daughter two months after we moved to a new town (I’d never moved from Branson before) and my husband started medical school. I didn’t know any other moms when we moved here, and in the first few months after having a baby, it’s difficult to get out and about (literally your life revolves around feeding, changing diapers, and a sleeping baby… not saying those are bad things- I love love loved the newborn stage and have always adored babies).

I’m realizing more and more how life-giving it is to learn from other mamas and talk with ladies who just get it, don’t judge, and laugh with you. If there are any new mamas or mamas-to-be, know you are not alone and there is such a sweet mom community out there. These are a few of my favorite ways to connect with other mamas:

  1. Being in a small group or mom’s group: I recently started attending Bible Study Fellowship (a few weeks ago) and feel so refreshed being poured into and hearing other mamas vulnerability. Bible Study Fellowship is an interdenominational Christian Bible study with locations all over the world. I’ve linked their site here for you to see if there are any locations near you! They also have an amazing children’s program, which is so nice knowing Lively is able to interact with other babies in a safe, loving environment.
  2. Instagram: I’ve met so many amazing moms through Instagram. It’s encouraging and reassuring realizing other mamas all over the country (and world) are going through the same obstacles and triumphs in motherhood. Social media can become a trap for comparison, but it can also be a place to connect with others and be reminded to find joy and purpose, even in the day-to-day, seemingly insignificant moments. It’s easy to scroll through and feel like everyone is living these extravagant lives that we’ll never be able to compete with, but I guarantee when you reach out to other moms, you’ll find that there’s so much more to others’ lives than “perfect” pictures. Don’t be afraid to message other mamas, ask questions, encourage them, etc., because Instagram is a perfect platform for it. I just love that even if you don’t know many mamas yet where you live, this is still a way to get to know ladies in similar places in life.
  3. Play Dates: Lively loves having play dates with friends, but honestly, I think I love them more, haha. It’s good for the soul to exchange funny stories, have a safe place to ask advice, and just get to know other women who are on the same crazy journey called motherhood.
  4. Typical Daily Outings: This may sound silly and I may just be a weirdo, but I almost always encounter other mamas in my nearly daily trips to Kroger and/or Hobby Lobby. Those are two of my favorite places to bring Lively when I just want to get out of the house, and the smiling faces, friendly waves, or simple conversations with other ladies often make my day. One of my biggest pieces of advice for not feeling alone in motherhood is to get out of the house every day, even if it’s just walking around a store or a quick trip to the park.
“As moms, we are in it together- raising the future. We are a tribe of future makers. So let’s support each other.” -Marissa Hermer




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Always and forever,


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