Dating When Time & Money are Sparse

We can probably all agree, whether you’re married or not, dating is fun and exciting. Once you get married, I believe continuing to date your spouse is super important and honestly still just as fun (if not more fun), because you know the person so well and are becoming closer every day.

Since Duncan started medical school, our lives have changed and he’s definitely busier than he used to be. We also have our baby girl, who takes a lot of my time and attention (not that I don’t love it, because I totally do!); these drastic changes combined have made a big difference in how much time and money we have… BUT despite all of that, dating each other is more important than ever and honestly more cherished. Our marriage is super high priority, no matter what season of life we are in, and we want to treat it that way/nurture it by spending intentional quality time together.

Most of our dates are simple and really affordable (and include our favorite little third wheel)! We love going to the parks near our house; there are a couple within 5 minutes, and Lively loves them, too! We just got an attachment for our bikes, so Lively will be able to ride with us… it’s a win/win… exercise and quality time all at the same time! We also love icees, snow cones/shaved ice, and Sonic drinks, so runs to go get one of those are high up on our list of favorite things to do. Another one of our favorites is watching TV series together on Netflix… we always have a show we are watching together; if you ever need a list of shows you should watch on Netflix, I’m pretty sure we’ve got you covered, haha. We love to go to the store and get steaks, too, for Duncan to grill at home (probably even more than we love going out to eat!).

We live close to Memphis, so when we have a little more time, we like to go into the city and find different things to do there, whether it’s trying new restaurants, walking around outdoor shopping areas, visiting the Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid, etc.

Really, whatever we’re doing, it’s nice to have time to talk with no distractions. We both enjoy talking about our hopes and dreams, places we’d want to live someday, destinations we want to visit… just continuing to get to know each other better, despite the chaos of daily life.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite date ideas!

Here are some pictures from some of my favorite dates from over the years:

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Dinner date on our honeymoon in Naples, FL

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Dinner date at Nakato’s for our 6 month anniversary of being married (it’s the restaurant we ate at the night we got engaged)

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Weekend getaway Duncan planned (to literally the middle of nowhere, haha)


Chick fil A run for frosted lemonades


Weekend getaway at Big Cedar Lodge


Icee run after we found out Lively’s gender (we sent this to our friends and family asking if they thought we were having a boy or girl- blue or pink)


Best snow cones in Memphis!


Always and forever,



Beach Baby

A couple of weeks ago was Duncan’s spring break. To say we love when he gets a break is an understatement, and it is even better when we get to go on a vacation! Duncan and I both love going to the beach and could literally sit out on the beach all day, from sun-up to sun-down (I read while he fishes).

This was Lively’s first time at the beach, so we were curious what it would be like with a baby and how things would be different; come to find out, Lively also LOVED the beach! Watching her feel the ocean breeze and hear the waves for the first time melted this momma’s heart!


Our daily routine was pretty much get up, eat breakfast, and put sunscreen on, then hurry out to the beach! Our daily must-haves included a big umbrella (Lively laid under it basically all day; the shade, warm breeze, and sound of the ocean put her right to sleep and helped her nap better than ever). We also brought out a big blanket to lay under the umbrella, my nursing pillow, my feeding cover, Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Lotion, a sunhat for Lively, and lots of water (because I always feel parched when I feed Lively, haha).


In the evenings, it was so fun walking Lively along the beach! My WildBird carrier was perfect, because Lively is comfortable, she can look out and see, and she can easily fall asleep in it. It was so special watching Lively enjoy the beach… we love our little beach babe! We can’t wait for many more trips with her and memory-making adventures!





Always and forever,