Lively Mae Bow Co.

I haven’t written a blog post in forever! While I’ve been away from the blog for the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a new endeavor, and it is finally ready to share with all of you! As you may know, our daughter was born in October. We love watching her grow and seeing her little personality develop more every day. I adore her smile, laugh, snuggles… I could go on and on!

Since she was born, I’ve been having a lot of fun making hair accessories for her: bows, headbands, and hair wraps. A couple of months ago I decided that in addition to making these accessories for sweet Lively, I would love to make them for you and your little ones! I love all things baby, and I have so many friends who have young babies, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start making these hair accessories for girls and bow ties for little boys!

My Etsy shop is called Lively Mae Bow Co. (inspired by Lively, of course!). I also have an Instagram page for my shop: @livelymaebowco. if you’d like to follow along with our new journey!

This shop is a fun project for Lively and me, as well as a great way to help support our family during Duncan’s schooling. If you or anyone you know has a baby/toddler and are looking for cute hair accessories or handsome little bow ties, head on over to Lively Mae Bow Co. (click on the link to head directly to my shop).

I’m new to this whole Etsy shop thing, so if you have any advice, I’ll gladly take it! 🙂

These are a few of the products in my shop:


Tropical Pineapple Mini Classic Bow: comes either on a nylon headband or an alligator clip.


Blue and Gold Head Wrap


White and Gold Polka Dot Sweetheart Bow: comes on either a nylon headband or an alligator clip.


Jade and Ivory Chevron Knit Headwrap


Tropical Pineapple Bow Tie: comes on an alligator clip, so you can slide it between the buttons on your little one’s button-down shirt.

Thank you for blessing our family! We really appreciate your support. I hope we can bless you and play a small part in your family, too!


Always and forever,