Calling all Leggings Lovers

Leggings are most definitely one of my favorite parts of fall and winter; they’re comfy, warm, and can be worn when working out, or dressed up for a more casual/cute look! On a crisp fall morning, I’d much rather put on some comfortable leggings than a pair of jeans (not saying I don’t love a nice pair of jeans :)). I’d heard of LuLaRoe before and people raving about their “butter” leggings, so, naturally, I was ecstatic when I recently received a pair of my own!

The leggings come in numerous fun patterns, as well as classic solids, making them ideal for mixing and matching! I absolutely love the flower pattern I have. They also have some perfect-length tops to go with their leggings, so they are modest and wearable in a variety of settings (the top I’m wearing is LuLaRoe, as well).

I can’t wait to add more of these leggings to my wardrobe. Nothing motivates this new mommy to get back in shape like some new workout gear! I’m especially looking forward to continuing to wear them on my regular walks at the park.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of these leggings or any of the other clothing items LuLaRoe sells (they have a variety of dresses, shirts, skirts, etc.), find LuLaRoeHopeCureton on Facebook!

These are a few pictures from one of our walks at our local park, which is one of our favorite parts about our new city!





Always and forever,


Lively’s First Halloween

This past Monday Lively experienced her first Halloween… well, “experienced” being used loosely; really, she slept most of the day and only woke up to eat and take a few pictures in her costume. It was also Duncan’s and my first time passing out Halloween candy in our own home; seeing all the little kids in their costumes was precious!

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I didn’t plan ahead on getting Lively a costume; I didn’t know what size she would be and, honestly, it just didn’t really cross my mind until the weekend before. My lack of planning didn’t leave enough time to buy a costume online, look around at many stores, or make anything elaborate. Duncan and I looked briefly at a few stores, but didn’t see anything we liked or anything Lively’s size. I was getting a little discouraged, because I didn’t want to be that mom who looked back and regretted not dressing up her baby for her first Halloween. Duncan and I sat in the Wal-Mart parking lot looking up costume ideas; when we saw a picture of a cow costume, we decided it was our best bet! We made a quick list of what we’d need and ran into the store; everything we needed for her costume for a grand total of less than $14!

I’m not the most creative or artistic person, so it helped having an idea to go off of. Her costume all came together Halloween day in about 30 minutes during one of her naps (side note: I’m so impressed by all the moms of multiple kids; I don’t know how you manage to get anything done. Lively’s naps are the only times I work around the house, and even during them I sometimes don’t because I want to snuggle with her all the time).


For her costume, I started with a white onesie. I bought black bandana material, out of which I cut her spots, and hot glued them to her onesie. I also got pink construction paper (to glue the “udders” to and for the inner portion of her ears). The hospital gave me extra bottle nipples, which worked perfectly for the udders! For her cow ears, I got a black hat and cut out both ears from the black bandana material. I hot glued the pink inner portion of the ear to the black bandana material, and then hot glued the ears to the hat. And that was it!


We can’t wait for many more holidays with our Lively Mae. Every day is special with her, so, of course, she makes the holidays extra special, too!

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Always and forever,