Our Guest Room

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the guest room. It’s not “perfect” or elaborately decorated (we still need to get a headboard), but I love how much natural light shines in and how most of the pieces in the room have sentimental value; what I love most, though, is when it’s occupied by our friends and family! The room has been in use since Lively was born a few weeks ago, and I feel so fortunate to have such generous and supportive loved ones in our lives!

Our moms took turns staying with us the two weeks after Lively was born. It was unbelievably helpful having them here to share their wisdom/experience, their delicious cooking, and keeping Lively and I company during the day. This past week, my sister spent her fall break with us. We had a great time watching countless hours of Gilmore Girls, walking at the park, and treating each other to pedicures!

Below are a few pictures of our guest room:


This quilt was a wedding gift from one of Duncan’s aunts. We love how cozy it is and the personal touch it adds to our guest room!


I love the big windows, as well as this beautiful scene Duncan’s grandma (Nanny) painted.


This painting Nanny created has so much sentimental value, and I love that it’s hanging in a place where all of our visitors get to see.


Duncan made this map for me as a Christmas gift while we were dating. We use different colored pins to signify where each of us have travelled, as well as where we’ve gone together. I can’t wait to see more of the world together (medical school kind of puts our traveling dreams on pause).



Always and forever,