Saying Hello to Fall & our Front Porch Swing


Happy first day of fall! I don’t know about where you live, but here in Jonesboro it definitely doesn’t feel like fall yet. It’s still been in the nineties every day and the humidity is worse than ever, but I’m anxiously awaiting the cool fall breeze and being able to enjoy sitting outside.

Duncan and I were recently gifted a porch swing, and all it needed was a little paint job before it matched our front porch. I love how homey porch swings make a house look/feel, so I was thrilled when we received one!


*This is the swing originally… just needed a little TLC 🙂

Duncan began by nailing any parts of the swing that needed extra stability, as it is older and well-worn. He, then, removed the chains, so it would be easier to spray-paint. He sanded it down and spray-painted white over the natural wood color. It only took one layer and dried pretty quickly! Once the swing was dry, he reattached the chains, and it was ready to be hung up!


Duncan and my dad hung the swing in the corner of our front porch, and I love the new look it gives to our porch! My mom was so sweet and picked out navy and white pillows for the porch swing to match our shudders. While the boys were out putting up the swing, my mom and I focused on cleaning the front porch. We wiped down the siding, scrubbed the shudders, cleared all the spider webs, and swept the porch. I love how clean it feels and am so looking forward to spending falls days sitting in our new porch swing!



Always and forever,


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