A Shift in Perspective


I read this quote by Mother Teresa a couple of days ago, and it really resonated with me! I love being in a new town, supporting my husband on his journey to becoming a physician, and preparing to welcome our precious firstborn daughter into the world; however, it is not all easy and doesn’t always feel “fulfilling.” That sounds horrible, I know, and I do not take for granted the fact that I will be able to stay home with our daughter, but it is a difficult transition after leading such a “busy” life.

Usually the fall time is extremely busy, with starting school and all of the chaos that entails. This year, on the other hand, it has been quite the opposite for me. Of course, it is a little busy with Duncan having started such intensive schooling, and I know it’ll be busy once our little girl arrives, but it is much different than being bombarded with homework, campus events, and trying to balance all of that with work. When I was in college, I felt like I was constantly around people and opportunities to serve others. Now, I don’t interact with nearly as many people in a given day.

It’s easy to feel like what I’m doing now is insignificant. I know that is a lie the enemy tries to let creep into my mind, though. My husband is in school, becoming equipped for his dream job as a physician- a career in which he will make a significant impact on many lives. I see friends on social media or hear about others it seems like are making such an impact in the world, and it’s tempting to compare the contribution they are making with the small contribution I feel like I’m making. BUT, I have to remember that comparison is the thief of joy, and God created each of us uniquely, with the purpose of serving Him and loving others, and that is not going to look the same for everyone! He places us in different seasons and grows us in different ways throughout our entire lives.

Staying home and making sure our home is a comfortable place for Duncan to come home to is worthwhile. Being fully devoted to spending my days taking care of our daughter is not settling for less or making less of an impact than if I were traveling around the world doing missions work. The mission work God is calling me to in this season is to love my little family and invest in them, as well as everyone else I come into contact with along the way. It is so reassuring to know God always is in control and simply wants us to remain faithful to Him. We don’t have to compare ourselves to someone else’s standards of what is significant; rather, our worth and the impact we make comes from our Heavenly Father!


*Totally not related, but just wanted to share how much we loved having my parents and youngest brother come visit us this past weekend. Bowling & visiting the arcade were definitely highlights!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Always & forever,


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