My Favorite Room

I love everything about Duncan’s and my home in Jonesboro, but if I had to pick a favorite room, I would definitely say our bedroom. I like how cozy it is, how much natural light comes in the long windows, and I especially love our new bed Duncan made!


The bed we had before was dark brown and would not have matched the gray color of our walls. This was the perfect excuse for a new one! Duncan’s made a lot of the furniture in our home, including our new bed. We knew we wanted a big, wooden bed, and Duncan made it all from scratch (seriously so impressive!). Once the frame was built, we painted it white, following up with sanding some of the edges (to give a more distressed/antiqued look). Duncan proceeded to wipe a dark brown stain over the white paint, wiping it off with a clean rag immediately after. After the paint and stain were dry, he finished by sanding the entire bed frame to tone down the color (to make it less of a brown). I love the way it turned out!


I love white, fluffy comforters, and we spent most of the summer looking for a reasonably priced king size one. We finally found this one for a great deal at the At Home store in Springfield! I wanted a blue throw blanket and pillows to add a little pop of color. We found this Southern Living striped throw at Dillard’s and these soft, comfy decorative pillows at T.J. Maxx.

We wanted to find our initials to put up above our bed, which was another endeavor that proved to be more difficult than I initially thought. It felt like any time we went to a home store, they had one of our initials, but not the other’s, or they had both of our initials but no “&” symbol. After lots of looking, we finally found these at Hobby Lobby! I was nervous the silver color would blend in with the gray walls, but the rusty finish on the edges helps the letters to stand out and ties them in with the antiqued finish on our bed.

We’ve had these matching night stands since we’ve been married and started looking for matching lamps once we moved here to Jonesboro. I didn’t realize how expensive lamps are, so it took us a couple of weeks to find reasonable ones! These white ones were super cheap at Target, and I love how simple they are.

I enjoy spending time searching for new pieces for our home, as well as finding the right places for the pieces we already have. It’s fun seeing our room come together and feeling like our house is becoming more and more homey!


Always & forever,


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