What to Wear for a Hot Summer Pregnancy

My second trimester and half of my third trimester have taken place during the heat of the summer. It’s been one of the hottest, most humid summers I can remember… but I suppose that could partially be due to my little bun in the oven! One of the best parts about being pregnant this summer was working at our shaved ice trailer, Yeti’s Shaved Ice! Although there wasn’t air conditioning in the trailer, it always helped having a shaved ice at the end of the day to look forward to (especially since I’ve been craving shaved ice throughout my entire pregnancy) :). Since the majority of my summer was spent in the shaved ice trailer, I typically wore my Yeti’s Shaved Ice tank top with athletic shorts. This was super nice, because all of my athletic shorts still fit and the tank tops were a nice way to stay cool!

When not at work, it was a little harder to know what to wear. I didn’t want to spend all of my money on a new maternity wardrobe, but I did want to invest in some key pieces of clothing, since we want to have more children in the future. Over the past few months, I’ve invested in a few flowy shirts (I love these, because they can be worn during pregnancy, as well as after!), a couple of flowy dresses (also great for pregnancy and afterwards), a pair of maternity jeans (that can be rolled into capris), a white pair of maternity jeans, and one “fitted” maternity shirt. I didn’t buy many fitted maternity shirts, just because I wanted to be able to wear what I bought both pre- and post-baby, in order to save money. Most of the clothing I’ve bought during my pregnancy I’ve ordered from Pink Blush, an online maternity store. I love the way their clothing fits and have been happy with everything I’ve gotten from them! Just make sure to check the sizing chart on their website before placing an order, as most of their clothing runs a little big.

Since I carry our daughter pretty high, I’ve thankfully been able to wear all of the shorts I had pre-pregnancy. Many of the dresses, shirts, and tank tops I had before still fit, which has been really helpful, as well! The majority of the time, thanks to all the heat and humidity, I wear shorts and a tank top or a flowy dress. We’ve gone out on the lake and to the pool a couple of times, which is the perfect time to get some sun on the bump! 🙂 I definitely prefer a two-piece when pregnant, because it is not fun having tight clothing on your pregnant belly; a two-piece is much more comfortable!

Below are some of the outfits I’ve worn this summer (during the later half of my second trimester and first half of my third):

These photos were taken when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I didn’t have much of a bump, so I went with a more flowy top for our graduation party and this flowy maroon dress for graduation!


This was at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. I was almost 21 weeks pregnant and still didn’t really have a baby bump I wanted to “show off,” so I wore this maxi dress!

IMG_9859This photo was taken on Father’s Day, which was still during my second trimester. I chose to wear another maxi dress, rather than trying to accentuate my mini baby bump.


I constantly craved being in the water this summer, so we tried to go swimming any free chance we got. This was taken at White Water towards the end of my second trimester, and I loved getting some sun on my baby bump!


I had this dress pre-pregnancy, and it’s one that’s been perfect to wear this summer, even with my growing bump!


Duncan and I took a day trip to Memphis a couple of weekends ago, and it was extremely hot! These white shorts have been a go-to during my pregnancy, and this tank top I had prior to pregnancy is perfect whether pregnant or not.


This floral dress is one I bought from Pink Blush! I love that the sleeves and length of the dress are a little longer. It is super comfy, and it’s definitely not just a maternity dress.


This was the dress I wore for Duncan’s White Coat Ceremony last weekend (32 weeks pregnant). It’s not a maternity dress, but the flowy design of it and the length fit well with my belly that is growing more each day!

As far as shoes, I tried to wear shoes that had good support! I basically lived in my Birkenstocks all summer, because they’re my favorite & most comfortable shoes. When I worked, I tried to wear tennis shoes or Chacos for the support. For formal occasions, like graduation and Duncan’s White Coat Ceremony, I wore heels, but made sure to bring a change of shoes!

I’m no fashion expert (or an expert at being pregnant), but these are some of the ways I made it through a hot & humid summer pregnancy! You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new maternity wardrobe, but it’s fun to splurge on a few items; after all, growing a baby is something worth celebrating! 🙂


Always & forever,