The First Step in Making our House our own Home

One of my favorite qualities in a home is when there is plenty of sunlight radiating in! I feel so lucky that our home has lots of windows (my favorite being the four floor-to-ceiling windows in our living and dining room). In order to take full advantage of these windows, I knew I wanted to lighten up the walls all over the house. I really like gray walls; however, gray clashed with the chocolate brown couches we have. Upon looking at more paint colors, I found a really pretty light blue color (with a grayish tint) that matched our furniture and decorations we received as wedding gifts and have accumulated over the past 2 years. We decided to paint our whole downstairs this same blue: Sherwin-Williams Crisp Blue, which included our living room, dining room, kitchen, half-bath, and laundry room (as well as our master bath upstairs).

crisp blue sample


*A little glance at what crisp blue looks like in our living room*

I wanted to still use gray somewhere, so we decided to use it for our bedroom and Lively’s nursery, as it matches the furniture in both rooms well! There were so many shades of gray to choose from… we wanted it to be a light gray, so I started looking on Pinterest at some of the grays we liked the best to see what they looked like in other people’s homes. I found that Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray, which we ended up going with, is used often by Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper (one of my favorite shows!). This is the gray we went with, and I love how it turned out!


repose gray

*Repose gray in our bedroom*

We wanted to use a few different colors in our home that all go together well, but give some variety. We decided to do a light green color for our guest room and guest bath. I wanted to choose a green that was not too bright or “too green” (I preferred a more neutral green). We decided to go with Sherwin-Williams Filmy Green. I actually love it even more than I thought I would!

filmy green sample

filmy green

*A sneak peek of filmy green in our guest room*

Since the walls were deep red and orange prior to us buying the house, we used latex Kilz on all of the walls as a primer before painting. The Kilz was pretty inexpensive and saved us from having to do multiple coats of the actual paint colors. I’ll admit painting definitely tests my patience… it feels like it takes forever waiting for the primer to dry, wiping the walls down and cleaning the baseboards, moving appliances out of the way, taping off parts of the wall, removing electrical covers, waiting for the paint to dry, touching up any spots that need a little extra paint, etc. BUT it is so worth it! I love how the paint turned out. It lightens up our home and makes it feel even more spacious than I’d imagined! I love the way it looks with the natural sunlight. I’ll post more specifically about each room in our home as we get more done (& share more photos!).


Always & forever,



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