Little Life Updates

Since I last posted several months ago, Duncan’s and my lives have changed pretty drastically. We graduated from College of the Ozarks, found out we are having a daughter this fall, bought a house, and moved to Arkansas for Duncan to begin medical school.

In the midst of finding out about all the transition to come, I couldn’t bring myself to blog. I could hardly process through all the upcoming changes and needed time to start working through all of it before I could even think about blogging.

Up until the middle of December, we were planning on moving to the Caribbean for Duncan to start medical school there; we’d sold my car and packed up our entire house. Then, two weeks before we were supposed to move, Duncan was accepted into a school here in the States. After seeking the wisdom of various friends, family members, and physicians, we made the decision to stay in the States for Duncan’s schooling. Even though I understood it was probably the smarter decision for us, I struggled with the last-minute switch. I’d prepared myself for the island life and had a difficult time getting past the “glamorous” and “adventurous” life I thought I’d be missing out on. The Caribbean sounded exciting and new, while Arkansas was a place I’d told myself I never wanted to live… it’s shallow, I know, but I didn’t want my first “big move” to be to Arkansas.

My attitude was something I had to give up to God and wrestle through with His help. I can’t follow God wholeheartedly and allow Him to grow/mold me when I’m constantly getting caught up in my selfish “dream” desires and comparing my life to the lives of others. I’m realizing it’s not living in a breathtaking place that’ll make me happy, nor anything else circumstantial; rather, joy and contentment are based on seeking the Lord, allowing Him to shape me, and embracing where He has me.

A few months ago we bought a house in Arkansas. We came down one day, and by the end of the day we knew which house we wanted to put an offer on. By God’s grace, the house was ours just about a month later!

Despite the fact we’re only four hours away from Branson, the process of moving has been more challenging than I expected. We’re constantly learning new things every day, and I’m working on taking it one day at a time. We’re discovering what is involved in buying a home, moving to a new state, figuring out insurance, delving into the world of school loans… and a myriad of other things. In the midst all the big unknowns, I’m trying to see everything as a learning experience and not stress out.

We officially moved down here three days ago and are enjoying getting settled in.. making our house a home! I love hanging up our decorations on the walls and making our home cozy, getting to know the town better, and spending as much time as possible with Duncan before his classes begin. It’s hard not seeing our families on a daily basis, but we’re beyond thankful for their endless support. It’s hard to believe that (God-willing) our daughter will be here in a short couple of months, adding to our little family!

With all of this being said, I’m ready to embark on my blogging journey again! I want to keep everyone posted on our new adventure, share what we’re learning, and hopefully encourage some of you along the way! I’m learning to boast about my weaknesses and give them over to my Savior, so His power can be made perfect and my strength truly comes from Him (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

I’ll be posting about our house, pregnancy, motherhood, life being married to my medical school student, and more :).


Coffee at Shadrach’s (the BEST local coffee shop) before our moving crew headed back to Branson!


With my sister on the front porch of our new house!


In front of our new home!


Always and forever,