Best Valentine’s Cookies!

With Valentine’s Day being only a week away, I thought it was fitting to post one of my favorite cookie recipes (with pink & red sprinkles, of course!).  I found this Softbatch Funfetti Sugar Cookie recipe on Averie Cooks, and it has quickly turned into one of my go-to cookie recipes!


These cookies are soft, delicious, and the perfect solution for a sweet tooth.  I used pink, red, and white sprinkles this time, rather than the normal rainbow, to celebrate Valentine’s Day drawing near!  Another modification I sometimes make when baking these cookies is substituting 1/2 cup coconut oil in place of the 1/2 cup butter.  There are numerous health benefits to coconut oil, and I have been substituting it in almost every recipe I’ve been making lately!  The cookies still taste amazing, and the flavor is not lessened whatsoever with this healthier substitute :).

Attached here is the recipe for these delicious cookies!  Make sure to fully follow the directions for the best results!


If you’re in the mood for some Valentine’s Day baking, these cookies are definitely worth a try!  They are sure to be the perfect way to impress your valentine (I know my valentine loves them 🙂 )!

Always and forever,


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