“The Best Things in Life are Sweet!”

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My newest go-to at Andy’s Frozen Custard: cookie dough and M&M sundae (thanks to my brother in law Keaton for introducing me to the combination!)

“The Best Things in Life are Sweet!”

I’ve always been a major believer in this motto!  I enjoy planning, cooking, and eating healthy meals…. but I love baking or going out for dessert afterwards even more!  Growing up I was always “that girl” whose friends would say she could eat a whole pan of brownies by herself (thankfully I never actually did that, even though I probably could have…).  Whether it be ice cream, cookies, cake… you name it… I’ve always had a sweet tooth.

Some people are incredibly disciplined and choose not to eat sweets at all, and some simply don’t like them.  I’m impressed by these people and am sometimes a little envious, but thankfully throughout the years I’ve learned the beauty of MODERATION!

Moderation is the biggest thing I took away from most of my nutrition courses in regards to desserts/sugar.  Of course different people have different circumstances and no two people are the same, but for me, moderation of sweets still allows me to enjoy them but not go overboard. 🙂  I also choose to only eat the sweets that are my favorites; if I’m going to eat a dessert (and take in the sugar and calories) I’m going to make sure it’s something I like!  I often try to incorporate fresh fruit or whole wheat (to make it a little healthier 😉 ). Check out Two Peas & Their Pod’s whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookie {made with coconut oil} recipe for a healthier cookie option.  I made them a few days ago, and they were absolutely delicious!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll oftentimes make cookies or another treat at the beginning of the week for us to have for the duration of the week.  We also enjoy going out for ice cream or cupcakes (those of you who have heard our engagement story or read my post on it know my love for cupcakes…).  I like eating at home more than eating out (since it’s typically more cost efficient and more nutrient-dense), and then going out for dessert afterward for a little date with my hubby!

Below are some of my favorite quotes on this topic 🙂


“A party without cake is just a meeting.” -Julia Child


“If we are what we eat… Well I am awfully sweet!” -Anonymous


“Let’s face it, a good, creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people.”

-Audrey Hepburn


Always and forever,


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