“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” -Song of Solomon 6:3

I remember dreaming about my wedding and honeymoon since I was a little girl. They seemed so far out in the distance that they would never arrive. Now, a month after our wedding and nearly three weeks since we have been home from our honeymoon, I can’t get over the fact that I am now married to my best friend. I’ve always heard that marriage is the closest picture to Christ’s love for us, and now I think I finally get what that means: you get to love and be loved by someone so fully and completely; you see your spouse’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, the things he or she love, his or her core character, etc. You see your spouse more purely and vulnerably than anyone else. You get to choose every single day to love and serve that person, looking out for his or her needs and desires above your own. For our honeymoon, we went to Naples, Florida. It was the most perfect, relaxing, and fun week I could’ve imagined. We stayed in a house right on the beach, and for ten days we simply got to be together (with no agenda or obligations) for the first time ever! It was surreal getting to start and end each day with Duncan right there (it still is!). We got to reflect on our beautiful wedding and the time leading up to it, and cherished every moment of being husband and wife. We went out fishing on the beach each day, which was an absolute blast! One day we caught a sea trout, and Duncan cooked it for our dinner! Duncan is the greatest fisherman, and I love getting to spend time with him doing what he loves, and seeing him so passionate and excited. When you love someone, of course you’re excited for them when they’re excited, happy for them when they’re happy, etc.; when you’re married, it’s multiplied times a million- if they’re ecstatic about something, you are thrilled right along with them, if they’re upset and afraid, you are right there with them in sorrow and to be a comfort. Even though Duncan and I have been friends since I was fourteen and dated for five years, our friendship has grown so deeply in this past month. People have asked if Duncan and I got tired of each other on the honeymoon and how we could spend ten straight days together, but when you love someone so much and are best friends, even if you get a little annoyed with each other every once in a while or one of you hurts the other’s feelings, your favorite place to be is together and everyday is a new adventure with that person. Duncan is servant hearted and treats me with love and respect that reflect Christ’s love. He is patient, kind, and humble. He knows instantly when I am upset and when I am overjoyed. I loved getting to fish together, cook together, go out to dinner and ice cream dates together, and spend time getting to learn more about each other and experience God’s love more fully. It was a trip I will never forget… spending the ten most incredible days at the beach (our favorite place) with my favorite person in the world. ImageImage


Our sea trout!


Our sea trout baked!




Cheesecake Factory Date! (Love Duncan’s ring 🙂 )


Dinner date downtown


The best view!

Always & Forever,


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