Third Year of Medical School (a spouse’s perspective)

As of this month, we’re over halfway through Duncan’s third year of medical school! Third year has been totally different than the first two; the first two years take place in the classroom and labs, while third and fourth year consist of rotations in the hospital and clinics. Every month, Duncan starts a new rotation (with the exception of Internal Medicine and General Surgery lasting two months); the new pace and each month being different has been been such a nice change!

For those of you with a significant other who’s in medical school or hoping to go to medical school in the future, I thought I’d share some of the best and hardest parts about third year (from my perspective).

I’ll start with the difficult parts:

  1. Getting used to your spouse being gone more. Although the first two years are very rigorous academically, Duncan spent a lot of time studying at home, so even though he was studying a lot, he was still at least around throughout the day (which was especially helpful with a newborn). This made the transition to him being gone full work days and doing 12 hour shifts pretty tough. It makes it more difficult to move to a new town, make couples/family friends, and get involved in church,  but I’m trying to embrace it/get out of my comfort zone.
  2. Monthly tests. My husband has loved getting to practice what he’s been learning and getting to know the patients and medical staff in each rotation; that part has been kind of a “light at the end of the tunnel”. It’s so exciting getting to hear about moments like him delivering his first baby, intubating a patient for the first time, etc. But, with that being said, students still have monthly tests over each rotation, which require a lot of study time.
  3. An inconsistent schedule: this one is both a “pro” and a “con” of third year, in my opinion. It’s nice when Duncan’s preceptor works a consistent schedule and good hours, but it can be really hard when he has to do a ton of nightshifts in a row, is constantly switching back and forth between night and day shifts, or is on call. His OBGYN, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry rotations have pretty much been weekdays 8:00-5:00, but the Internal Medicine (IM) and Emergency Medicine (EM) rotations were 12 hour shifts (for IM, he did mostly day shifts but ER was a majority of nightshifts and weekends). The nightshifts were hard to get used to, because Duncan would have to be gone all night, sleep most of the day, then study for the few hours he was awake.

The best parts of third year:

  1. The variety/change of schedule each month: This can be a huge “pro”, because it makes the year go by so quickly. It keeps things interesting and exciting for Duncan, which is exciting for me, too! It also makes the rotations with the not-so-great schedules bearable, because I know they won’t last long.
  2. Not so many tests: Like I mentioned above, there are monthly exams over each rotation (called COMATS), but these really are so much better than the never-ending tests during first and second year.
  3. The first (and worst) portion of COMLEX/USMLE are done! This has probably been the nicest part of this year. Since Duncan attends a DO school, he took the COMLEX this past summer (students typically take this the summer between second and third year). The test is stressful, high pressure, and requires TONS of additional study time; this honestly made the second half of second year (especially the 2 months leading up to the test) extremely stressful and difficult for us. But now that it’s over, I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off of Duncan’s shoulders (and mine, too, since you take on the stresses of your spouse :)).

These last two and a half years have been a roller coaster, with some of the most trying times and some of the happiest moments of our lives; we’ve had to learn what it really means to prioritize each other, communicate, and work together, even when it feels like we’re living two totally different lives at times. I don’t know what this next year and a half of school will hold (other than lots of residency research, applications, interviews, and finding out where we’ll spend the following 4 years for residency), but I know God will be with us, and I’m thankful we have each other!




25 Week Pregnancy Update

The past 6 months have been a whirlwind, with selling our home, moving across the state, Duncan studying for/taking his Boards, the transition to Duncan starting rotations… and getting pregnant with Baby #2! This pregnancy has been pretty different from Lively’s since before it even really started; I always knew I wanted our next baby to be close in age to Lively (literally, I told Duncan minutes after I delivered Lively that I was ready for another), but with Duncan’s schedule and the timing of tests, we decided the best option for our family was to wait a little while. Once we did decide we were ready for another baby/the timing was better, it took us a little longer to get pregnant this time around. For those 7 months, it was a constant reminder that God’s timing is best, and there’s always valuable lessons to learn in the waiting seasons (which is especially valuable to me, since I’m not a patient waiter).

The first trimester, I was a whole different level of tired (I didn’t realize how much more exhausting it was being pregnant while chasing a toddler around); I couldn’t make it through the day without falling asleep and napped with Lively most days (so productivity around the house was at an all-time low). Thankfully, once I got into the second trimester, my energy level picked back up (which I was beginning to doubt would ever happen). One pregnancy side effect I’ve had this time around that I didn’t before is getting carsick; I’ve felt carsick multiple times and even thrown up once from it (the first time in my life that’s every happened).

During my pregnancy with Lively, we moved to a new state for Duncan to start schooling when I was 30 weeks pregnant, so I hardly knew my doctor there and had never seen the doctor who delivered her. This pregnancy is a lot different in that I’ve had/will have the same doctor the whole time, and I really like him!

Another difference this time around is how much faster my belly popped/how much faster the weight-gain came. I’d been warned this would probably happen but didn’t really realize how much faster until I started experiencing it, haha. I’m just trying my best to work out a few days a week (the elliptical and prenatal workout videos are my favorite) and trying to be more conscious of carb/sugar intake, now that I don’t really have any food aversions this trimester.

When I was pregnant with Lively, I enjoyed pregnancy, but I was so eager for her arrival that I would check my pregnancy app on my phone every day and time felt like it dragged until she arrived; this time around, it is FLYING (I’m 25 weeks as of yesterday)! While I’m excited for our SON to arrive, I’m really just savoring this pregnancy and these last few months of being a family of 3. Thanks for reading my little pregnancy update!





MONAT Sample Review

So, probably like a lot of y’all, I’ve been hearing tons about MONAT hair products lately and have quite a few friends selling it. I’ve heard nothing but good things, so when a friend offered to send me some samples, I was quick to say yes!

I only tried a couple days worth of samples, so I can’t personally vouch for the products long-term, but the days I did use it, I really liked it and my hair felt extra soft and healthy, and I’ve seen great testimonials from people I know! I used the Renew Shampoo & Conditioner for a couple of days, as well as the Intense Repair Shampoo, the REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive, and the Blow Out Cream.

What makes MONAT so unique is it’s naturally based, anti-aging hair care that contains no parabens or sulfates and results in longer and stronger hair (I love all natural products!).  After having Lively, my hair has for sure gotten thinner, which the Renew Shampoo is perfect for, as it boosts the growth of your hair and improves your follicle strength, which helps prevent thinning of the hair (postpartum hair loss is no joke, so I need all of that I can get!)

If you want to know more about these natural products (full of essential oils, for all you essential oil fans out there!) or order some for yourself click here, and my friend, Carrie, can help you out!




On an unrelated note, I love these pictures with my girl! And yes, that is ice cream all over her face 🙂 … she had an echocardiogram done right before this, because her doctor had heard a few little heart murmurs at her last appointment and wanted to make sure everything was ok; thankfully everything looked normal, and I think the ice cream cone helped erase any negative memories Lively had from that experience (thank you, McDonald’s!).


Always and forever,


Having a Baby in Medical School

One of the things I get asked about most related to being married to a medical school student is what it’s like having a baby during school, if it’s even a realistic possibility, etc. So I thought I’d go ahead and write a little about our experience with having our daughter during Duncan’s second month of med school.

I was 30 weeks pregnant when we moved from Missouri to Jonesboro, AR. Thankfully I knew of a couple of people living in Jonesboro, so I was able to get recommendations on OBGYNs. Figuring out insurance, on the other hand, was much more confusing. I spent hours on the phone with the hospitals and my insurance company figuring out which hospital and doctors took my insurance and what exactly would be covered (I knew literally nothing about insurance prior to this). It was also an adjustment switching to becoming a patient at a big clinic versus the small, one-doctor-clinic I’d become accustomed to my first 30 weeks of pregnancy.

The chaos of your significant other beginning medical school is an adjustment, especially if you’ve moved to a new town. The transition into parenthood is another major adjustment. But honestly, I feel like you can either choose to let the chaos pull you apart or grow you closer than ever. We had difficult transitions both together and individually; I couldn’t completely understand what he was going through with schooling, and he couldn’t totally understand what it’s like being 30+ weeks pregnant; however, we chose to still communicate and cling to God and each other. I have no doubt that’s only made our marriage better and stronger.

Two months after our big move, Lively was born! I went into labor on a Friday, we went to the hospital that night, and Lively was born at 8:01 the next morning (I hadn’t had any contractions or anything prior to that morning, so I had no idea what to expect and basically thought Lively was never going to come out). The timing really couldn’t have been better, and although it was sad, Duncan was able to return to school that Tuesday. Both of our moms came down for a week, one after the other, then my sister came down the third week. This made the adjustment a little easier, especially since Duncan still had to go to school for labs and classes.

Insurance for Lively was another thing that was a little difficult to figure out, as Duncan and I were still both on our parents’ insurance. Thankfully, Arkansas has an amazing Medicaid program for children called ARKids First. It has been such a blessing for us, and has allowed Lively to have excellent medical care for not only her arrival into this world, but also her regular checkups and all the normal “sickness” stuff that comes with having a young child. We are also on WIC, which provides some checks for groceries each month; every little bit helps when you’re on a budget, so we are really grateful for WIC, too.

I breastfed Lively until she was 14 months old. For the first few months, I pumped a couple bottles a day, so Duncan could give her an evening bottle and have that special time with her (this was something one of his faculty members recommended, as it’s what they did after they had a baby, and I really think it was good advice). He also intentionally spent time with us when he got home from school, as well as when taking breaks from studying. I can’t speak for all medical students, but Duncan is really good about still prioritizing Lively and I, and not making it seem like he’s too busy for us. As far as middle-of-the-night feedings, I did all of them since I was breastfeeding and really wanted Dunc to be able to get rest, so he could study effectively and not be falling asleep all day (and newborns sleep so much, that I was able to pretty well catch up on sleep when Lively napped).

Another aspect of having a baby with my spouse in med school that was difficult was feeling a little isolated. He had school to go to every day, but in the beginning it was hard for me to get out of the house too often (anyone who’s had a newborn can totally relate, I’m sure). We were still new to Jonesboro and didn’t have family who we could just hop in the car to go see. Thankfully, there are other med school wives who are in a similar position, so you have each other. I also found how beneficial social media can be, especially for connecting with other moms who are in a similar phase of life. As Lively has gotten older, it’s become easier to go to a weekly Biblestudy and have play dates.

Obviously, medical school is very expensive. Unless you go the military route or your parents or spouse are able to pay for your schooling, it is necessary to take out substantial loans. Even the maximum amount of loans per semester is still a pretty small amount for a family of three or more to live on. I knew I wanted to stay home with Lively, as that’s always been something I’ve wanted to do and we don’t have family here, so child care would have basically cancelled out anything I made had I worked outside the home. We tried to be as frugal as possible, but once the second year of school started, I got serious about finding a work-from-home job.

The fees of second year add up a lot more, especially with needing to pay for boards and board prep material (boards are the massive tests they have to take between second and third year, in order to move on to rotations); not to mention, paying for diapers and now food for our little toddler (I kind of took for granted how cost-efficient breastfeeding was). I was so incredibly happy when I got a job with VIPKid (I can talk more about this in another post, but here is the link to their website), teaching English to children in China. I’m able to work before Lively wakes up and after she goes to sleep, so we never are having to pay for child care, and I don’t feel like I’ve had to give up my time with her. If you’d like to know more about my new job, don’t hesitate to e-mail or message me!

Honestly, if most people waited for the “perfect time” financially and circumstantially to have a baby, very few people would ever have children. Life is expensive and crazy, and medical school is no different; however, in my opinion having a baby during medical school is totally doable if it’s something both you and your spouse are on board with! Yes, it can be exhausting and stressful at times, but more than anything, it is amazing having and raising a little human, it gives you perspective/forces you to prioritize, and grows your relationship with your spouse (and those first couple years you have Christmas breaks, spring breaks, and a summer break, which are just the best!).

When having a baby in medical school, my biggest advice would be to give yourself and your spouse grace, communicate about everything (tell him what you and the baby did while he was at school, and ask him how school was/what he did), and be in community with other moms (whether that’s online, in a Biblestudy, with a playdate group, etc.). Also, make time to do the things you love together. We love to travel and see new places, so we try to travel on Duncan’s school breaks and on the weekends when we can; this way we can still make new memories together, aside from just our lives as related to med school.

Becoming a parent and the journey of parenthood is amazing, no matter where you are in life. You are not alone, and you can do this! Here are some of my favorite snapshots since Duncan started school and Lively’s been born:


32 weeks pregnant at Duncan’s white coat ceremony.



The day Lively was born!


Bringing our girl home for the first time.


Spending time with Lively after a day at school.


She loves her daddy.


His last day of first year!




Santa Barbara, CA summer trip


She loves pretending to use the stethoscope to listen to our hearts.

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Always and forever,


Favorite Christmas Decorations

A warm, cozy home decorated for Christmas is high up on my list of favorite things, especially when Hallmark Christmas movies, a fire crackling, Christmas cookies, and hot cocoa are involved.

Since getting married 3 and a half years ago, we’ve built up a small collection of Christmas decorations, including a tree, a few ornaments, a strand of pre-lit garland, stocking holders, and three stockings this year (one for Dunc, one for Lively, and one for me). I’m excited to build up our Christmas decoration collection more and more over the years! I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christmas decorations below, including the links to where you can purchase them. I’d classify the overall style of my taste in Christmas decor as cozy and simple 🙂

  1. Stockings: I LOVE the look of cable knit stockings with pom poms! We got ivory and red ones almost exactly like these.

    I also love this faux fur one and this patterned one (pictured below), and the way they would all look together!

  2. Cable Knit Tree Skirt: This ivory tree skirt matches well with the stockings I featured above, as does the red one on their site. They are simple and keep that cozy feel! tree skirt
  3. Stocking Countdown Banner: All growing up, my mom planned a Christmas activity for each day of December leading up to Christmas. We had a little Christmas tree in our dining room with tiny present ornaments on it, and each morning when we woke up, we would go find the one that matched with the day of the month, and there was a piece of paper underneath it with the activity for the day written on it. Some of the activities were big, like picking out our Christmas tree or going to watch the Dixie Stampede Christmas Show, and others were smaller, like playing Christmas Pictionary, having a “snowball fight” with crumpled up paper balls, or creating paper snowflakes to hang in our entryway. I would love to do something like this with our kids in the future, and these stockings would be a perfect way to do it! You could hang the stocking banner on the mantle or somewhere else, and just put that day’s activity in the corresponding stocking number. Click here to shop this stocking countdown banner. stocking banner.jpg
  4. Red, Green, and White Ball Garland: This garland is so cute and matches well with the stockings and tree skirt. It’d be super cute on the tree (added to lights and ornaments), or hanging somewhere else around the house. garland.jpg
  5. Christmas Candles: Duncan and I are both big candle people; we almost always have one burning! I especially love warm smells, like vanilla and nutmeg, which are extra perfect for Christmas-time. There’s just something about a candle burning that makes a house feel more like a home. Here’s a yummy-smelling one! candle
  6. A Plush Throw: I’m a sucker for cozy blankets, especially in the winter. I love the color of this green one and how soft it is (plus it’s 25% off)! plush throw
  7. Festive Throw Pillows: Couches are so much comfier with throw pillows on them, and I think it’s so fun when people use different throw pillows for the different seasons. I love this Christmasy one (and the way it would look with the throw pictured above). pillow
  8. Cookie Cutter String Lights: How cute and unique are these Christmas lights?! I love that they add something a little different, but still aren’t over the top at all! 43513837_028_b
  9. Wreaths: I love the look of wreaths, both indoor and outdoor. I love classic green wreaths like this one (it’s under $10!), with big red bows tied on them, as well as red berry wreaths like this one (25% off)!


    I hope you got a little holiday inspiration from these pieces, or that it at least got you even more in the Christmas spirit 🙂 Collecting Christmas decor can take time, which makes it even more special.


Always and forever,



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In the Early Stages of Toddlerhood

I really can’t believe we have a toddler… how is Lively already that old?!


Toddlerhood is totally different than having a baby; it’s a different type (and level, haha) of exhausting, but also full of so many laughs and teaching moments every single day.

Lively is about 2 months into walking and is fearless; she gets more daring each day, which is kind of scary. She runs around the house (and has already fallen too many times), climbs on everything, and would jump off any surface if we didn’t watch her like a hawk.

She says “dad,” “mom,” “ball,” “bye,” etc., but not much else is enunciated clearly yet; she does watch us super closely when we talk and is starting to try mimicking what we say. She blows me away with how much she already comprehends, though! She loves to blow kisses, wave at everyone, and give “knucks.”

Lively is in a pretty consistent sleep routine (finally). She naps around 1:00 pm every day, usually for about an hour and a half. She falls asleep much easier now, and I no longer have to nurse her to sleep. If I turn on Disney lullabies, her little aquarium sound machine, and rock her, she typically falls asleep pretty quickly. She does still wake up once or twice most nights, and she is frantic until I nurse her. She is weaned other than waking up during the night, so hopefully I’ll be able to help get her past those soon. Weaning her has been a little harder than I expected, because she never wanted to self-wean, but it was getting to the point where she would try to pull my shirt down in public… so I am glad to be past that!

It’s quite a bit more difficult to feed a toddler, because she’s not getting all her nutrients from breastmilk and simple jars of baby food anymore. When I first tried to switch her to whole milk at a year old, she got little bumps all over her skin and her stool became runny, so I waited a couple weeks to try again, and when I reintroduced it, I started with tiny amounts, which went much better! I offer her whole milk with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (she drinks a total of about two cups a day). Some of her favorite snacks are apple slices with peanut butter, grapes (cut up, of course), cheerios, cheese and wheat cracks. For breakfast she loves eggs, wheat pancakes, bananas, etc. For lunch she usually eats turkey, cheese, peanut butter toast, some baby food veggies, etc. For dinner, she eats whatever we’re have, which is usually some kind of baked chicken with vegetables, spaghetti, quiche, and other pretty simple meals. Cheese is her favorite food right now… she would eat it for every meal.

Socially, she’s not having as much separation anxiety from me. This past week was the first week she didn’t cry being dropped off at the nursery, and it made this mama heart so happy! She loves playing with other kids (she’s walked up to kids we don’t know at the park and held up her arms for them to hold her on multiple occasions…). We’re trying to work on sharing. She signs “please” when she wants something (especially food) and is really in tune with other people’s emotions.

She loves to push boundaries (like a typical toddler), and disciplining/setting boundaries is tougher than I thought it would be, but I know it’s necessary and will help her so much in the long run (and even now).


She is obsessed with the movie “Sing” and would watch it all day, every day if we let her.

All of our cabinets and outlets are baby-proofed. She is now officially able to reach the countertop, so that’s a new challenge (but thankfully can’t open doors yet).

She never sits still (so if we somehow get her to sit and smile for a picture, it’s a miracle!).

Trips to the store are pretty challenging at this stage. She’s not really old enough to reason with yet, so if you let her out of the cart, she’s runs the opposite direction like a crazy woman pulling everything off the shelves.

Lively is super goofy and has such a funny sense of humor. She knows how to make us laugh and really plays off of it (if something made us laugh once, she’s quick to do it again). It is such a joy watching her grow and develop more and more into her own little person. Toddlerhood is tough, but also such a fun and special time as a parent!




Always and forever,


DIY Smash Cake

Sitting here on this chilly, first day of November, I can hardly believe it’s been a month ago exactly that our little Lively turned one! We had her party in Branson, where most of our family lives, a couple weeks later and enjoyed spending a Saturday evening with everyone celebrating Lively’s life. The theme for the party was pink, white, and gold/jungle animals (I know, seems so random, but I love the girly pink, it was Lively’s golden birthday, and she loves animals, so I decided to combine them all, because why not?!)


For Lively’s smash cake, I decided to make our own, because I really couldn’t justify buying her a custom cake I figured she wouldn’t even eat (thank goodness… because she didn’t eat hardly any of it… she was way more interested in all the people, running around, and her toy car).

I made a simple, two-layer white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. I got this 6-inch cake pan from Kroger for less than $4 and used the Pillsbury Moist Supreme box of cake mix.


I followed the directions on the cake mix box, then put 1 1/2 cups of the cake batter in the 6-inch pan at 350 degrees for 35 minutes (make sure to insert a toothpick and see that it comes out clean). I cut off the top (so the cake was a flat surface) and let it cool, then baked one more for the second layer. Once both layers were cooled, I put them in ziplock bags overnight in the fridge.

I made the buttercream frosting the day of her party and followed this recipe. Since it was a layered cake, I spread some frosting between the two layers and used a knife to cover the whole outside of the cake.


This dark pink, sparkly cake topper was the perfect finishing touch! And these mini gold animals tied in the jungle animal part of the theme perfectly (they came in a set of 12, so the rest we used for decorating the gift table).

A DIY smash cake is totally doable, saves a little money, and hopefully this acts as a nice guide!

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Always and forever,


DockATot Review

I have lots of friends who have told me what a miracle worker the DockATot is, so I was super excited to try it! Lively isn’t one of those babies who slept through the night from early on or who you could just lay in her crib and her instantly fall asleep for her nap. I actually still nurse Lively once or twice in the night when she wakes up most nights. I’m no baby sleep expert; we’ve just recently gotten Lively to where she can be rocked to sleep listening to Disney lullabies, instead of having to be nursed to sleep for nighttime and naps.


Lively recently received the DockATot Grand, which is for babies 9-36 months old, but I think it REALLY would’ve made a difference in her sleeping (and ours!) had we invested in the DockATot Deluxe (the smaller size, for babies 0-8 months old) in the first few weeks of her life (I totally plan on doing this when we have our next baby in the future). The DockATot is a pretty simple concept (designed in Sweden and made in Europe), but such a good one; it definitely makes babies feel more secure and snuggled, which helps them sleep more soundly (and it’s made of all natural, 100% cotton). It’s been tested for breathability, as well!


One of the other major perks of the DockATot is how helpful it is as a transition piece for moving your little one into a toddler bed. I plan on using our DockATot Grand for this purpose in the future, as it makes the “big girl bed” not seem quite so big and overwhelming.


There are multiple cute patterns the DockATot comes in, but we have the Pristine White one. It looks very clean, and the cover can be taken off and washed in the machine… which anyone with kids knows crucial!


You can use this link to get $10 OFF your DockATot now through November 20th!


If you’re expecting or have a little one, you’re going to love this multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger.


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Always and forever,






Connecting with Other Mamas

Being a mom is special gift and has brought so much light into my life. But being a mom can also feel lonely, discouraging, and exhausting. I had my daughter two months after we moved to a new town (I’d never moved from Branson before) and my husband started medical school. I didn’t know any other moms when we moved here, and in the first few months after having a baby, it’s difficult to get out and about (literally your life revolves around feeding, changing diapers, and a sleeping baby… not saying those are bad things- I love love loved the newborn stage and have always adored babies).

I’m realizing more and more how life-giving it is to learn from other mamas and talk with ladies who just get it, don’t judge, and laugh with you. If there are any new mamas or mamas-to-be, know you are not alone and there is such a sweet mom community out there. These are a few of my favorite ways to connect with other mamas:

  1. Being in a small group or mom’s group: I recently started attending Bible Study Fellowship (a few weeks ago) and feel so refreshed being poured into and hearing other mamas vulnerability. Bible Study Fellowship is an interdenominational Christian Bible study with locations all over the world. I’ve linked their site here for you to see if there are any locations near you! They also have an amazing children’s program, which is so nice knowing Lively is able to interact with other babies in a safe, loving environment.
  2. Instagram: I’ve met so many amazing moms through Instagram. It’s encouraging and reassuring realizing other mamas all over the country (and world) are going through the same obstacles and triumphs in motherhood. Social media can become a trap for comparison, but it can also be a place to connect with others and be reminded to find joy and purpose, even in the day-to-day, seemingly insignificant moments. It’s easy to scroll through and feel like everyone is living these extravagant lives that we’ll never be able to compete with, but I guarantee when you reach out to other moms, you’ll find that there’s so much more to others’ lives than “perfect” pictures. Don’t be afraid to message other mamas, ask questions, encourage them, etc., because Instagram is a perfect platform for it. I just love that even if you don’t know many mamas yet where you live, this is still a way to get to know ladies in similar places in life.
  3. Play Dates: Lively loves having play dates with friends, but honestly, I think I love them more, haha. It’s good for the soul to exchange funny stories, have a safe place to ask advice, and just get to know other women who are on the same crazy journey called motherhood.
  4. Typical Daily Outings: This may sound silly and I may just be a weirdo, but I almost always encounter other mamas in my nearly daily trips to Kroger and/or Hobby Lobby. Those are two of my favorite places to bring Lively when I just want to get out of the house, and the smiling faces, friendly waves, or simple conversations with other ladies often make my day. One of my biggest pieces of advice for not feeling alone in motherhood is to get out of the house every day, even if it’s just walking around a store or a quick trip to the park.
“As moms, we are in it together- raising the future. We are a tribe of future makers. So let’s support each other.” -Marissa Hermer




Side note, this long sleeve from PinkBlush is a perfect addition to your fall momiform!


Always and forever,


Postpartum Leggings and Nursing Tank

Figuring out what to wear after having a baby can be difficult; your body has changed, nothing fits the same, and if you’re nursing, you need to wear easily accessible tops. After having Lively, I wore athletic shorts, big t-shirts, and leggings for the longest time (actually, I still do most days!). But I just discovered the most comfortable and practical postpartum leggings and nursing tank from BLANQI!

I love them because they’re perfect for working out (what better motivation to exercise than new workout clothes?!), but they can also be dressed up! My favorite part about the leggings (aside from how comfy and supportive they are) is that they are opaque, so they’re not sheer/see-through like so many leggings I’ve tried on. They are highwaisted, so they gently hold that postpartum belly in place, making you feel more comfortable and confident.

The pull-down postpartum + nursing support tank top makes breastfeeding so easy and secures this mama’s belly. All mamas and mamas-to-be… you’re going to love BLANQI’s products! They also have maternity leggings and tank tops, so I’m for sure going to get those when I have our next baby someday.

Becoming a mom is the most beautiful thing, and we should be proud of all our bodies are capable of (growing and delivering a baby is a miracle and such a big deal!), regardless of what we’re wearing. But, let me tell you, these comfy leggings and tank top will help you feel your best and be inspired to be the healthiest version of yourself.







Always and forever,



*BLANQI attire was received in exchange for this review, however all opinions are my own.